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bespoke and affordable family history packages

KM Genealogy is ranked number 1 family tree researcher and genealogist in the UK - as voted by Free Index users

Our Prices and what you will get…

We offer various genealogy packages that will allow you to track your family and ancestors back as far as records allow. We've listed below our most popular family tree packages, but if you can't see quite what you're after that's no problem. We can tailor our research to your requirements.

Perhaps you want to have a go yourself but don't quite know where to start?

Or perhaps you have one or two particular family members you want to research in detail?

Whatever the request, feel free to get in touch with us if you want to discuss further.

With all packages you'll receive the following on a presentation CD:

Biography document in PDF or Microsoft Word format which will tell you all about the lives of your ancestors - where they were born, where they lived, what they did for a living etc. This is what we've become known for - the biography document really brings your family story to life and our feedback tells us that our customers are SO pleased with theirs. Family tree diagram which can have a background image of your choice - or perhaps a family photo? Copies of all censuses reviewed during the research. A standard genealogy format report listing all the relevant ancestors in a logical order - presenting each successive generation in turn. A Gedcom file - this is a special computer file which can be imported into most family tree software programs, should you wish to continue the research (upon request). Any other records which may have been reviewed during the research.NB. Printing is not included, but can be arranged with a local printer if required. Price on request.

Two Line Package £389

With a two line package we will aim to research two lines of your choosing (see video for what is 'one line' and 'two lines') typically back to the early 1800s. Most clients go for either their maternal side only or paternal side only. But you don't HAVE to do that. If you think of your family tree in four quarters; a two line package can do any two quarters.

Watch our Video!

Watch our video for an explanation of the difference between our One Line, Two Line, and Full Package


If you have a specific enquiry our ad hoc research can help. Our fee is £15 per hour.


We can offer a range of gift certificates which can be for a package (left) or for a set price, which could be used for ad hoc research.


We use various records such as census records and birth/marriage/death indexes as well as local history research to build up an in depth insight into your family history. In fact you'll discover a wealth of information about your ancestors; what they did for a living, where they lived, who they married, where they were born, and also other members of their household, children and siblings, as revealed by the censuses.

All our packages are priced to go back as far as Great Great Grandparents as a minimum but as long as the information is available, we will keep on researching backwards until we reach an eventual dead end. If however we reach a dead end before your GG grandparents, we will of course provide a pro-rata refund, or provide additional research elsewhere on your tree to the full value if you prefer.

We aim to do as much research as possible from the sources mentioned above, but generally a certificate or two will be required along the way to prove a certain fact. (Certificates aren't included in the package price). When this happens we will always consult you first. England/Wales certificates currently cost £9.25 (Scottish and Irish are slightly different) and we don't make a profit on these like some other research companies out there, we just charge you the same price.

One Line Package £199

With a one line package we will aim to research one line of your choosing (see video for what is 'one line') typically back to the early 1800s. As the video shows, there are basically four options you can follow with this one line package. If you think of the family tree as being in four quarters, a one line package will cover any quarter of your choosing.

Full Package £759

If you choose a full package we will aim to research all lines of your family tree. This will cover two parents; four grandparents; eight great grandparents; sixteen great great grandparents and so on; typically back to the early 1800s (see video for more information).

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