My ancestor was a...
Price Breakdown
One Line Package: £250
With a One Line Package, we will aim to research one grand-parental line of your choosing, typically back to the early 1800s. As such, there are four options for a One Line Package - your maternal grandmother, your maternal grandfather, your paternal grandmother, and your paternal grandfather.
Two Line Package: £475
With a two line package we will aim to research two lines of your choosing typically back to the early 1800s. Most clients choose either their maternal side or paternal side only. However, any lines can be chosen (for example, a client could choose their maternal grandmother's line, along with their paternal grandmother, etc).
Ad-Hoc Research: £20 per hour
If you have a specific enquiry our Ad-Hoc research can help. Our fee is £20 per hour.
Full Package: £900
If you choose a full package we will aim to research all lines of your family tree. This will cover two parents; four grandparents; eight great-grandparents; sixteen great-great-grandparents and so on; typically back to the early 1800s.
Gift Certificates
We can offer a range of gift certificates which can be used for a package or for a set price.

For our popular Family Tree packages, whether you select one line, two lines or a full package, we will aim to discover when and where your ancestors were born; who they married; what their occupations were; where they lived and any children as revealed by the censuses. It is not usually necessary to obtain death certificates for the purpose of proving one's ancestry, however if you'd like details of what your ancestors died from, we can order these. Death certificates are often considered as a waste of money from a research perspective as they don't provide any link to any other relatives in the same way that birth and marriage certificates do. However, they should not be dismissed, as from a sentimental perspective, these can be the one piece of information that makes your relative feel more real to you than any other.
Research is flexible, so we'll aim to provide the information that you are interested in.