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Frequently Asked Questions

For our popular Family Tree packages, whether you select one line, two lines or a full package, we'll aim to discover when and where your ancestors were born; who they married; what their occupations were; where they lived and any children as revealed by the censuses. It's not usually necessary to obtain death certificates for the purpose of proving one's ancestry, however if you'd like details of what your ancestors died from we can order these. Death certificates are often thought of as a waste of money from a research perspective and in a sense they are - they don't provide any link to any other relatives in the same way that birth and marriage certificates do. However, they shouldn't be dismissed, as often these are the one piece of information that makes your relative feel more real to you than any other.
Research is flexible, so we'll aim to provide the information that you are interested in.

Your package will contain the following items:
-Family History Report - This will tell you all about the lives of your ancestors - where they were born, where they lived, what they did for a living etc. (For an example, click here )
-Family Tree Diagram (with a background image of your choice. For an example, click here )
- A standard genealogy format report listing all the relevant ancestors in a logical order - presenting each successive generation in turn.
-A .gedcom file - This file is provided upon request, and is the default file type used in Family Tree software. Should you wish to continue the research yourself, you can use this file yourself to access the family tree.
For more information, please watch our video:

You will receive your package digitally, usually sent via email. Should you want to receive your package physically, we can arrange printing - however you will be charged any fees required for the printing process.

-Date of Birth
-Place of Birth
-Mother's Name and Maiden Name
-Forename of the Child
-Informant's name, address, and relationship to the child
-Name and Occupation of Father

-Date and Place of Marriage
-Names and Marital Status of Bride and Groom
-Current Address and Occupation of the Bride and Groom
-Ages of the Bride and Groom (sometimes given as "of full age" or "over 21")
-Names and Occupations of the Bride and Groom's Father
-Names of Witnesses

-Name of the Deceased and their Occupation
-Date and Place of Death
-Names, Addresses, and Relationship (if any) of the Informant
-Age at Death
-From April 1969, Date and Place of Birth, Addresses, and Maiden Name
-Cause of Death

Our initial checks during the free consultation will ensure that enough records exist to begin your project. However, if the trail does run dry, the total cost will be reduced, pro rata, so you'll only pay for the research that has been carried out successfully.
The one line/two line/full package expect to find up to great-great-grandparents as a minimum. Final price will be reduced pro rata if this is not completely achieved.
However, rest assured we don't simply stop at great-great-grandparents. If the information is available, we will research it for you.

Before starting your research, we'll ask that you provide your name, date and place of birth. Many people already have information about their parents and grandparents. Some have even been working on their family tree themselves and have come to us with a specific problem. Whatever information you have, no matter how small, we want to know about it! It'll save you time and leave us free to find out the bits you don't know!

We can conduct research in many countries throughout the world.
However, as different countries have different record keeping systems, the success of research is varied. If we can't carry out the research due to the lack of available records then you will be informed and a full or pro rata refund will be provided where appropriate.

We will send you an invoice via email with instructions on how to pay. Bank transfer is preferred, or payment can be made via PayPal.
Once we have agreed on your requirements, 50% deposit will be invoiced. The remaining payment is due upon completion.

In England and Wales, a formal Register of Adoption has been kept since 1927. The Children's Act of 1975 allows an adopted person, if over 18, to apply for their original birth certificate. No one else can do this for them. The certificate enables research to begin on tracing the birth family. In Scotland, adoption has been legally recognised since 1930 and information is supplied to the adopted person, if over 17.
The above information is only applicable if the birth name is unknown. If the birth name is known then we can apply for a certificate.

In accordance with GDPR guidelines all research conducted by Karen Murphy Genealogy Research is held in the strictest confidence.
We will never disclose information obtained to any third party without written instruction from the client. Please view our Terms of Use for more information.

A full ancestry can typically take around 3-4 months but of course smaller projects take much less. As a guide allow around 2 weeks for a one line package, 4 weeks for two lines and 3-4 months for a full package. We'll keep you informed every step of the way. But If you need it in a hurry, don't panic, it's often possible to complete in less time, especially if you have an unusual surname to research.
The more information we have to go on (e.g., names, addresses, dates of birth etc., of your immediate relatives), the easier and faster the research will be. All these details will be discussed at the initial free consultation.
Due to the popularity of our product, we do often have a waiting list but this too will be advised at the initial consultation.

The main sources for research are the Birth Marriage and Death indexes, Census returns and Parish registers. There are many other sources we may use according to the individual circumstances, such as Service records; Occupational sources and land records etc. We don't routinely look for death records, as they don't usually help to establish earlier generations. However, see note regarding death certificates in the question "what will I find out?"
If you have a particular interest (such as an ancestor's military service, or a particular cause of death) please let us know during the free consultation and we'll do our best to find out what you want to know.

We may be able to access military service records, medal cards etc. from the First World War and earlier - please note, however that approximately 50% of these records were destroyed and so cannot be obtained. The information that we would require would be:
-Full name
-Service number and unit
If your ancestor was Army, Navy or Air Force - originally known as Fleet Air Arm - then it may be possible to access their war record for details on where they served, length of service etc.
If they were one of the fallen then we can access their war grave records.
As far as the Second World War is concerned, personnel records are closed for 100 years, except to next of kin who can access them directly through the MOD. We will gladly give you advice on how to apply.