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bespoke and affordable family history packages

Some of our examples need to be viewed in Adobe - if you don't have this - click the button below to download for free.

Watch our video below for a description of what you get in your packages!

Or alternatively, have a look below at an example of a typical one line package - you can see the amount of information we find and what we produce. And all this for our cheapest package too!

As a reminder, we've listed below what you'll receive with all our Popular Package ranges which you will receive on a presentation CD:

Family History Report in PDF or Microsoft Word format which will tell you all about the lives of your ancestors - where they were born, where they lived, what they did for a living etc.

Family tree diagram which can have a background image of your choice - or perhaps a family photo? Copies of all censuses reviewed during the research A standard genealogy format report listing all the relevant ancestors in a logical order - presenting each successive generation in turn. A Gedcom file - this is a special computer file which can be imported into most family tree software programs, should you wish to continue the research (upon request) Any other records which may have been reviewed during the research

KM Genealogy is ranked number 1 family tree researcher and genealogist in the UK - as voted by Free Index users

Family History Report Example of a One Line Package

Some examples of the standard genealogy charts/reports

Watch our video for even more information on our packages!

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